Gravytrain is located in Vancouver - truly the most beautiful city in the world.
Gravytrain is headquartered in West Point Grey, a suburb of beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Our business is the brainchild of Erik MacKinnon, who has more than thirteen years of experience in the internet and search marketing space having founded and sold his first online media company in 1999.

Gravytrain’s mission is simple – to enhance the relationship between small-to-medium-sized businesses and their customers, both current customers and those yet undiscovered. We believe that all businesses, no matter what size or position in the marketplace, need to leverage every available resource to stay front and centre in their customers’ minds as the solution to their needs. A solid website that provides a connection point between you and your customer family is not a solution – it’s a beginning.

Give us a call and we’ll hook you up with a free consultation on how you can expand your visibility to your customers without breaking the bank on irrelevant advertising media that are going to generate next to nothing to your bottom line.

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