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September Special: Unlimited 500-600 Word Articles for $24.99 Each!

We’re proud to announce our September 2012 Content Special: unlimited 500 to 600 word articles on virtually any topic (yes – there are some topics that we won’t cover) for just $24.99 each!

This is your chance to get all of that written content that you need for marketing your websites, for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes, for blogging or for any other purpose.

You can order through this form below, which is an order form applicable only to this content special. Please note that this order form will NOT generate an invoice; our team will need to confirm your order and ensure that we feel 100% confident that we can complete it without sacrificing any quality. There are certain niches and topics that are significantly harder to write for, so we will take a quick look before getting started.

Thanks for visiting Gravytrain and we look forward to working with you!


These terms and conditions apply to all $24.99 September Article Special orders:

1) All orders MUST be prepaid before work begins. You will receive an invoice for the number of articles that you want, and once this is paid we will get to work.

2) We will give you an honest estimate of how long it will take to complete your order, but please bear in mind that with very large orders it can take some time to get them 100% finished.

3) All orders include revisions and our zero mistakes guarantee. If there's any errors we will correct them.
By completing the form below and ordering you agree that this is understood!
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We sent out a press release about the launch of our online dating profile writing service, so I’ll let the release speak for us:

Professionally Written Online Dating Profiles Take Finding your Match to a Whole New Level

Gravytrain – a boutique content and copywriting shop – launches professionally-written, high-quality custom online dating profiles meant to help remove the burden of writing an amazing profile from those who are seeking dating, a relationship or true love online.

Vancouver, British Columbia (PRWEB) August 23, 2012 | Finding true love via online dating websites can be incredibly difficult – a fact well-known by men and women who have suffered through the process. As one of the most challenging steps in online dating is creating a compelling “profile” encompassing one’s interests, habits, likes and dislikes, it seems almost incredible that no company has stepped in to fill the void with a professional service targeted at writing customized, high-quality online dating profiles. At least, until now.

Today online copywriting house Gravytrain announced the creation of just that – a service that allows a man or a woman who is frustrated with their lack of success in online dating to outsource the writing of their profile to a team of skilled professionals who will tackle making “you” appear at your very best to those potential dates who might be interested.

Finding Love Online is a Serious Uphill Battle

Is there a market full of individuals who need help writing a profile that is largely supposed to be about themselves and what they are looking for? The Gravytrain team certainly believes so. “I look at it this way,” explains Erik MacKinnon, the firm’s founder. “If you’re newly looking for work, would you fill in your LinkedIn profile or re-do your resume in just a couple of minutes without carefully customizing it to the types of job you want to find? Probably not. It’s the same for online dating. Most people simply aren’t qualified to write their own online dating profile, as odd as that may sound.”

MacKinnon explained that what many people fail to consider is that their online dating profile is meant to be a marketing piece which is intended to capture the attention of a specific demographic of men or women. “If you’re a man who is looking for a 23 year-old woman who likes to drink, party and watch Jersey Shore in the evenings, your online dating profile should be vastly different than the same man who is looking for a 33 year-old woman who attends church, shuns television and is looking to start a family.” Yet nearly all individuals simply type up whatever comes to mind when they join their dating website of choice, with many not bothering to touch up or expand on this data later – even in the face of lackluster results.

Gravytrain’s Service Allows One’s Profile to Do the Heavy Lifting

One might question whether men and women bother reading through online dating profiles at all, or if their decisions are largely governed by physical appearance and profile pictures. Interestingly, data shows that both men and women rely largely on dating profile text pieces as their primary decision maker after physical attractiveness has met certain minimum standards. MacKinnon confirmed that sentiment, stating that “In our research and testing, combined with research performed by OKCupid in 2010 and 2011, it was made clear that women tend to rate almost all men as less attractive than they actually are based on their pictures, but when interested they then rely on the man’s written profile to make further judgments.”

This is a stark contrast to the approach that men take, which MacKinnon indicates “…is obviously driven mostly by physical attractiveness. However, if a woman is less physically-attractive when compared to others in her age range on the same dating website she can easily make up ground by having a profile that is regarded as ‘awesome!’ by those quality matches who take the time to read it.”

Men or women who have suffered with poor results in online dating for long enough can learn more about Gravytrain’s professional online dating profile writing service at

Gravytrain is a full-service content development and marketing shop that is built to fill the needs of small businesses, search engine optimization (SEO) firms and those who market themselves online. Offerings include website copywriting, blog writing, press releases, guest blog posts for SEO purposes, dating website profiles and more. Learn more about the web’s greatest content team at

Extra, Extra! Gravytrain Launches $199 Press Releases!

Just a short and sweet update that we have finalized a partnership with PRWeb for press release distribution, and as such we are VERY proud to announce the launch of our $199 full service press releases!

Custom, top-quality press release writing combined with distribution through PRWeb Premium (a $369 value by itself) means that your news is going out to everyone who’s listening.

For more information and to order, click here to visit our Press Releases page.

Thanks again for visiting Gravytrain!

Blogging... Why Bother?

Woah, that title has a lot of “B” words. Anyway – it’s somewhat of an important question, right? If you’re in business, then you have a website. And if you have a website, then there’s a good chance that you have a blog or news section built into your website where you can post content about your business on a regular basis.

But… is that a good idea? Is there any value in it for you as a business owner? If you’re in the business of selling something considered “mundane” like screws and nails, will your customers even bother to read your blog, let alone care what’s written in it?

Let’s take a look at blogging for small business to see if it’s something worth investing in. [+]

Is it time for "Content Rehab?"

SENSATIONAL TITLE ALERT! One of the things that can be found on a daily basis on your favorite search engine optimization blog or news site is some article attesting to new ways that content can be thought up, found, developed or researched. It never ceases to amaze that so much content can be written about content, so what better way to end a week than to write some content about writing some content?

How very meta.

In all seriousness though, generating marketable content can be one of the biggest challenges for small-to-medium sized businesses that operate online (hey, it’s why OUR business exists!). In light of that, here’s a few reasons that trying to create new content can be just like breaking an addiction. [+]