You Need Content, and Lots Of It. Gravytrain Can Help.

Whether you need to fill a bunch of websites with material, you’re building articles for article marketing and search engine optimization purposes or you simply want to print it all out and see how high of a stack of paper you can create, if you need bulk content or article writing: you need Gravytrain.

We have a skilled content development and editing team that can create as much content as you need on virtually any topic. All of our writers are native North Americans with a university-level education, and all of their work passes through our editing team before final delivery. This means that you won’t end up with something that looks like you threw a laptop down a flight of stairs.

Forget working with flaky, questionable (or downright terrible) foreign writers found on sites like oDesk, GetaFreelancer or Fiverr. Gravytrain can deliver what you need at a price that won’t break the bank. And on top of all this: hey, we’re a real business! We have a phone number, we provide invoices, and yes, if you’re local to us we’ll even charge you tax. No more hearing about how your content writer’s third grandmother perished in a terrible accident this week, or how they just came down with their nineteenth illness in the past five months.

You order, we deliver. It’s truly that easy.

(Side note: Yes, there are a few topics that we won’t touch but you’re going to run into the same issue with any content developer. So, if you’re doing some shady stuff be sure to check with us before placing your order!)

Bulk Content Pricing

We thought about placing a pricing table or something else here, but unfortunately it’s very tough to price a content job without knowing the volume of content required, the topic(s), how the content needs to be delivered, the deadline / timeframe for completion and more.

Know that 95% of our bulk content work falls in the $10.00 to $12.00 per 100 words range. The only time that it goes outside of this is when we need one of our subject matter experts to tackle the work, and they receive a bonus in their pay for being so good at what they do. If our rates are too pricey for you: sorry, but we cannot help. That telegraph bill won’t pay itself!

What We Guarantee

Yep, we even have guarantees! Here’s what you can expect when you work with Gravytrain:

Zero Mistakes – Your order will arrive fit to the agreed-upon specifications, on topic and with zero mistakes. If there are any errors in your content, bust our chops and we’ll be quick to fix everything – plus we’ll hook you up with a discount to make amends.

Adherence to Deadlines – Yes, we’re very busy; however, that isn’t an excuse for poor delivery performance. Your order will be delivered within the agreed-upon timeframe or again, we’ll set things straight and make amends. We’re here to be your long-term content partner, and we want a healthy working relationship.

Built to Spec – At times you’ll probably need bulk content that’s already got proper tagging for pasting into WordPress or another website management system that you use. As long as you let us know about this ahead of time, we’ll be happy to ensure that everything fits your needs. Note that if you’re using some exotic system that requires “&” codes and other stuff, we’ll probably charge you a bit more simply to get you to move to a better system. And so our writers can enjoy some frosty beverages.

When you work with Gravytrain, you get an experienced content team that doesn’t mess around.

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