White Hat Guest Blog PostsAs a company, Gravytrain has its roots in the search engine optimization or “SEO” arena. While our team focuses mostly on developing high-quality content these days, there is still one SEO offering where we smash nearly all of our competition: guest blog posts.

A guest blog post is one that is written on your behalf and posted up on a blogger’s website which is relevant to your business’ niche. Along with the content in this post will be a link back to your website, which provides additional visitor traffic (as the blogger’s visitors click through) and a boost to rankings on search engines like Google and Bing.

As this service is a bit more complex than our other offerings we’ll explain it in greater detail below.

Why Use These for SEO?

Your website’s rankings in the search results are determined by very complex algorithms that are constantly being fine-tuned to remove spam and websites that attempt to artificially manipulate their rank. In the old days, one could simply point a bunch of links at their site with the exact same anchor text to rank at the top. For example, if your site was about blue widgets and you wanted to be #1 for this, you would build as many links with the text “blue widgets” as you could and then waited to rank.

These days are, for the most part, long behind us. Content marketing is the way of the future, and guest blog posts are a part of that. In exchange for receiving a great piece of well-written and relevant text content, a blogger agrees to place this on their blog with a link back to your website. These links are far more valuable than the typical spam that is seen online as they are on real sites, with real visitors.

Are These Guest Blog Posts “Penguin Friendly”?

Any service provider that claims to know Google or Bing’s next move is most certainly lying to you. We can’t guarantee that guest blog posts will take your website to the top spot for your target keywords, nor can we guarantee that Google or Bing’s next algorithm update or tweak won’t cause the moon to fall out of the sky, wiping out all of humanity.

What we can guarantee is that Matt Cutts (head of Google’s Webspam Team) himself has guest posts on his own blog (click here if you don’t believe us!), which should be a pretty good indicator of what is permissible in regards to link building.

The bottom line: you’ll receive real links, on real blogs, posted by real bloggers. The benefit to the blogger is that they receive expertly-written content that relates well to their usual blog material; the benefit to you is a link back to your website with the anchor text you specify.

What We Guarantee

Guarantees are a little bit tricky for us as to deliver this service we place ourselves at the mercy of bloggers who we introduce ourselves to on your behalf to offer guest post content and hope for a slot.

In order to properly manage your expectations, here’s what we will guarantee:

Professionally Written Content

The team here at Gravytrain are content experts, and this carries over very well into our guest blog post service. As our content is perfectly-written, on-topic and error-free, it makes the process of working with bloggers much easier.

Real Blogs on PR2+ Domains

While Google's PageRank might not be the best metric, it at least helps to determine whether a link from a certain domain has value in the eyes of their algorithms. Your guest blog posts will be placed on domains of at least PageRank 2, with real designs and at least some traffic. There's no auto-blogs or other junk to be found here.

Order-Specific Blog Sourcing

There are SEO service providers out there that just manage and maintain a network of blogs to place posts on, which is not something that we do. With Gravytrain you get customized blog target sourcing with each and every order, ensuring that we find blogs that are relevant and specific to your niche.

Specific Keywords & Anchors

Since the goal of this service is to build links, we're happy to ensure that the specific "anchor text" of the link back to your website in your guest blog post is the one you want.

Note that Gravytrain DOES NOT guarantee blog post placement timeframes! On average, guest blog posts take around four weeks (28 days) from the initial order until completion. This includes order processing, blog post content design and writing, guest blog sourcing, blogger contact, guest post submission, follow up and finally verification that it all went smoothly.

The most we can promise is to be up-front with you from the start and communicate with you throughout the process. It all seems to be working just fine with our current clientele, but if you’re hesitant perhaps order a single guest blog post to try things out and to give our team a chance to impress you!

Guest Blog Post Pricing

You’ll be pleased to see that the pricing for our guest blog posting service is a flat $149 per post, with a 10% discount for every order of twenty posts that you make. Yes, you can order for multiple websites in the same order to get to twenty – but only because you asked nicely.

Compare this to what many search engine optimization consultants and providers charge, and you’ll end up having to wipe off the water you just spit-sprayed all over your screen.

There is no better deal to be found for this service; we know, as many of our clients are SEO companies who are reselling our guest blog posts to their clients. We don’t know what they charge, but it’s likely a heck of a lot more than $149!

Order Your White Hat Guest Blog Posts!

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Just a quick final note to remind you that Gravytrain DOES NOT guarantee a completion timeframe for your order; our goal is to have it complete within 28 days. However, if any portion of your order is remaining at the 56 day mark you can request a refund for the outstanding portion of your order.
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