Give Them your Best with a Custom Online Dating Profile!The world of online dating is much like that of job hunting. You’ve got a limited amount of someone’s attention, and you need to arouse their interest with a few tiny paragraphs. And just like in the working world, if your profile fails to sell the best possible “you” to the reader, you’re not going to get invited in for an interview. Or even replied to.

Ask yourself this: is your online dating profile worthy of replies? Is it chock-full of interesting and amusing details about you that is so well written that you can’t stop reading it until it’s done?

Now consider this: do you even know how to write an online dating profile, or is just something you threw together when you signed up for the dating site? Do you know the average number of words that a man or a woman craves in a profile of someone they feel a physical attraction to? Are you aware of the psychological filters that men and women of different age groups apply to reading profiles, such as what jumps out and what they scan over without looking? Can you tell a story and build an image of “you” in just a few hundred words?

Just like you wouldn’t think of putting out a resume and cover letter with grammatical, spelling or other errors, you NEED to be putting on the best possible face you can in your online dating profiles. Online dating is about confidently selling yourself quickly, and if you’re not the greatest at writing about “you”, you’re going to be fighting an uphill battle just to get your potential dream dates to respond to your messages – something you might already be painfully aware of.

Thankfully, the team of expert copywriters here at Gravytrain is here to help! Read on.

Why Have a Professional Write your Profile?

To put it bluntly: online dating is a brutally competitive market, and unless you are incredibly physically attractive you’re going to be facing a bitter war to stand out from the pack. You might not realize this but your profile does a TON of the “heavy lifting” work to be successful in online dating – and here’s the proof.

The fine team at OKCupid did a ton of work a couple of years ago to show scientifically just how tough this market can be. Pay attention to these three graphs:

Female Message Rates & Male Attractiveness If you’re a man, you might be inclined to think that women are using your pictures (and not your profile) as the chief filter on whether or not they message or reply do you. You’re wrong. As the data shows, “Women rate an incredible 80% of guys as worse-looking than medium” while when it comes to messaging (AND replying!) “women shift their expectations only just slightly ahead of the curve”.

If you’re a man, you ABSOLUTELY NEED a solid profile. A woman will definitely check out your pics, but the data shows that she will likely rank you low physically and need a lot more detail about you to make her decision.

Male Messages Rates & Female AttractivenessIf you’re a woman who isn’t bombshell attractive, this data probably doesn’t make you feel very good. As a matter of fact, physically attractive women receive “28 times as many messages as a woman at the low end of the curve”, which of course leaves your poor profile swinging for the fences, defending you as a great catch.

If you’re a woman you can clearly rely on your looks more than a man can, but regardless: unless you’re at the very high end of the physical looks scale, you NEED a great profile to draw in men who are looking past the pictures.

The "Message Multiplier" EffectFinally, this piece of data is most important to men and has one thing to notice: just how many more messages the more attractive women are getting. Is your profile able to withstand this many other guys messaging your preferred dates? If your picture is enough to draw a woman in, is your profile information ready to close the deal and convince her to reply?

The team here at Gravytrain isn’t pretending to be Hitch, or some group of pick-up artists with all the right moves. However, we ARE professional copy and content writers that spends our days bringing out the very best in our clients – and we’re ready to do the same for you.

How We Make You Shine

If you’re still reading through, you’re probably curious as to how we go about writing a profile about “you” when we’ve never met. Don’t worry – not knowing anything about you makes this stuff kind of awkward for us as well, which is why we go through a data gathering process that involves you opening up to us a bit.

Here’s the type of stuff that we make use of when writing your online dating profile:

Your Current Profile(s)

Typically this is the first place we look, both to see what you've come up with and to see where we're starting from. Every profile you have is helpful, so share them all!

Your Social Networks

Don't worry: we're not that interested in reading your tweets. However, we can learn a LOT of interesting stuff about you from LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, so be sure to include those and any other social networks that you use frequently.

What You're Looking For

Yes - we need to know what it is you're looking for, from physical specifics to intellectual ones to dating goals. The profile you need to attract an 18-year-old blonde who loves Real Housewives is a far cry from the one needed to attract a 38-year-old executive chef at an Italian restaurant. Be clear, because this is important.

Your Interests

We also need to know what makes you "you", and a big part of this is the things that you like to do. A burly girl who is into beers and football on Sundays needs a different profile than a shy, down-to-Earth girl that calls her Church home on Sundays. "Interest" is the root of "interesting" for a reason. Be specific about what you're into!

Your Travel and Culture Experiences

No one would watch movies about James Bond sitting at his desk doing paperwork, which is probably what 99% of his job actually is. When you get out of your comfort zone, you have experiences - and these are incredibly interesting to others! Share your travel and cultural experiences in detail so that our writers can show them to your prospective dates.

Your Ideal Partner & Ideal You

Finally we also take into consideration your ideal match (or at least who you think it is) and your ideal "you", which means how you view yourself personally. Don't lie about this stuff, because it will only serve to have us create a profile that brings in the wrong kind of characters. Define each of these well, and we'll nail it.

It’s not easy. “It” rarely is. But our team will help take one of the largest annoyances – the creation of a kickass profile – out of the equation so you can focus on finding your dream dates and introducing yourself.

So… What Does This Cost?

This is where we make things easy. We’ll write you a 500 to 600 word profile that you can literally copy and paste into the website of your choice for just $99. This includes writing, editing, and proper formatting for your chosen dating site.

Order Your New Profile!

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3. Gravytrain and its writers make no guarantees that you will find true love, consistent dating, a one-night stand or anything else from this service. We're simply here to help you present the best about you in a fun, professional way.

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